CTS – Tate Modern/London Bridge Area


The Shard is a skyscraper in Southwark that is situated right next to London Bridge station. It is approximately 309 metres tall and is the tallest building in Europe, while only being the 87th tallest building in the world. It was pretty dizzying to strain our necks to look up at it and its so tall that looking up almost makes it look like it is falling over.


The Millenium Bridge and the dome of St Pauls Cathedral can be seen in this photo. The Bridge was built in 1998 and opened in 2000 while St Pauls was built between 1675 AND 1720 and the architect was Sir Christopher Wren.


Another view of the interior of the Tate Modern showing the aforementioned flower bed installation.


A panoramic photo of one area of the Southbank area.


Another view of the Tate Modern’s flower bed installation.


Borough Market is a a food market located in London and is reputed for being one of the oldest and largest food markets in the city. It was very busy with hundreds of people milling about but I noticed once you stepped inside the market there was a strong smell of the many foods on sale.


Southwark Cathedral is located in Southwark and along the South Bank area of the Thames. Although we didn’t go inside we did walk round the back of it and it was quite interesting to – on the other side of the road – see people busily selling things near Borough Market, and then the Cathedral being very quiet and serene.


I’m not sure what the name of this street is but it was quite interesting to see the mix of old architecture with modern buildings, which is one of my favorite things about London. For instance within a few minutes walk of each other you can find this street, Borough Market, the Tate Modern and The Shard.


This is another shot of Borough Market, with Harry, Luca and Naim.


This is a picture of The Anchor pub on the south bank of the Thames. Apparently the first records of the pub are from about 1822, however as far back as 1603 the site was used for plague pits. You can see the Shard in the background.


This is the view from just inside the Tate Modern where we met up before starting our walk towards London Bridge. We didn’t really go inside too much but it had a weird looking installation with lots of wooden flower patches raised up on metal stilts in the centre.


The South Bank Centre book market is just underneath Waterloo Bridge and has many paperback and hardback books, some new, some old.


The Globe Theatre is famously associated with William Shakespeare and was built in 1599, before being destroyed in a fire in 1613 and eventually being rebuilt a year later but the modern Globe was opened in 1997 and is roughly half the size of the original, seating about 1500 compared to 3000.


This is Southwark Bridge. We saw it when we were walking along the South Bank area.


Lee Brothers Potato Merchants is located in Borough Market and I thought it was quite interesting to see a very old company being based in somewhere that is quite old but with the juxtaposition of being in a modern city. As I mentioned in one of the other picture captions I quite like seeing the contrast between old and new in London.