CTS – British Library & Somerset House

The Alice in Wonderland Exhibition was quite interesting but also quite small. I was familiar with the story of Alice in Wonderland but there was a lot of extra details I was not aware of. The Pre-Raphaelite art was quite interesting and some of the pieces of art or excerpts from books was also interesting.

They had an Alice in  Wonderland video-game but I couldn’t see what the name of it was but it didn’t see familiar and I don’t think it was the Alice in Wonderland Madness Returns games that I have heard of it. It was interesting but due to the small area it was in, it was quite cramped and there wasn’t much of a chance to see some things without people leering over your shoulder or pushing past.

I can think back to the trip to the Science Museum last year and that was much better because it was wide open and you could see things at your own pace. Somerset House felt a little confusing because there was no structure to the whole series of exhibitions, just something over here and something over there. The fact there were multiple entrances made it confusing for us thinking “Well let’s see this…then that…then that…” as instead we just found ourselves walking from exhibition to exhibition, not sure if there was an overall structure.