Chapter 1: Prelude

So…Dark Souls is a very challenging video game. A challenging series. From Software, the creators of the series, said they wanted a dark western fantasy world that provided you with great challenges where you felt outclassed in fights and had to rely on your wits and skill. You would get a sense of satisfaction in overcoming hurdles and challenges and dying was part of the experience.

Whenever you kill an enemy you gain souls, which are like experience in any other RPG. You can use those to level up at bonfires (the game’s “physical” version of checkpoints) and increase one of your stats. The game gives you a limited amount of restorative items, typically in the form of Estus Flasks which you can upgrade in both capacity and effectiveness as the game progresses and you find items dotted around the environment.

You can pick up a variety of weapons and Armour that do varying amounts of damage, you can upgrade them to increase their damage and modify them to make them have elemental properties. This can be useful as some enemies are weak to a certain element, like the Taurus Demon being weak to Lightning, but equally if you have a Blessed weapon then enemies in the Catacombs and Tomb of the Giants do not re spawn.

Your equipment also has a weight value which affects how fast you move and roll, and possibly the degradation of your stamina as you move about (although i’m not 100% sure on that one). It increases your defenses and resistances but ultimately the enemies can’t kill what they cannot hit, so more often than not people have characters who are light on their feet.

You will die, a lot. But when you beat Gwyn’s hollowed body to ash at the end of the game you will feel like you’ve earned that victory so…i guess i should begin.