Farsighted Studios Ident Presentation


What is an ident?

  • An ident is a digital signature.
  • Used in TV, Movies and Games.
  • In Movies and Games it lets you know who made the game or movie.

In TV it can let you know who made what you’re watching but also show the sort of content the channel broadcasts.

Why Farsighted Studios?

  • Games that are forward-thinking and try to bring new and innovative ideas to their genres.
  • The logo would look like a cross between the Dreamworks ident and Daft Punk.

Inspiration for the Ident

  • The Dreamworks ident inspired the idea of the camera moving upwards through a starry sky to reveal the “name”.

  • The FOX ident was an inspiration for the “mood” of the ident with highlighted text standing out from a darker background.





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