Farsighted Studios Ident Pitch/Design Document



  1. What is an Ident? – Page 3
  2. Farsighted Studios High Concept – Page 3
  3. Platform – Page 3
  4. Unique Selling Points – Page 3 to 4
  5. Storyboard & Notes – Page 5 to 12
  6. Moodboard & Notes – Page 13 to 14
  7. Target Audience & Inspiration – Page 14 to 17
  8. Software – Page 18
  9. Budget – Page 18 to 19
  10. Timescale – Page 19 to 20
  11. Legal – Page 20
  12. Contact Information – Page 20


An Ident is a short digital signature shown on television, film or in videogames.

It has the objective of both letting the viewer know what they are watching, the types of content on the TV channel or who made the videogame they are about to play, as well as drawing people in on TV for advertising purposes.


The Farsighted Studios Ident is retro futurism in a starry sky, with a camera moving through the sky to see the stars and neon words that illuminate “Farsighted Studios”. It is designed to appeal to people of all ages while being aimed at science fiction fans.


The Ident would be designed especially for the internet and the video games themselves although it would also be useable in adverts on TV. This is due to the company’s video game focus although it is applicable to advertising on the internet and TV as well.


  • Space/Starry Sky backdrop
  • Retro futuristic look

Gives you a sense of big ideas



The entire Ident takes place from the camera’s perspective.

  • The camera looks out at an ink black sky, occasionally illuminated by stars and objects in the distance, perhaps with falling stars passing the camera by.
  • This is to give it an otherworldly look and feel while introducing a sense of mystery and intrigue.

If sound is implemented then I would like it to be primarily synth-based sounds as the purpose of the ident is to have a feeling of retro-futurism, with the neon and sound effects being both futuristic but evocative of sci-fi movies from the 70s and 80s etc.



  • The camera continues it’s upwards ascent with its vision is temporarily obscured by lens flare or heavy usage of depth of field.
  • This increases the sense of mystery and intrigue.
  • ex4
    • As the words “Farsighted” and “Studios” come into view the camera focuses on each one in turn before pulling back as the words move to form “Farsighted Studios” before it resumes it’s upwards ascent.
    • This is akin to the curtain being pulled back on the “reveal” of the mystery and intrigue set up by earlier “slides” as to what is going on.
    • There would have to be a sound cue, if sound is implemented, but I would want to avoid it being akin to the “horn” or “BWOOM” sound from something like Inception, although if I find a suitable track I may just let it play without layers of audio effects and music.
  • ex5
    • The camera continues its ascent and after its vision is once more obscured by Lens Flare or heavy usage of depth of field it focuses on the “Farsighted Studios” text before it ends.

    This acts as the resolution to the mystery and a conclusion to the ident.

  • ex6

    As you can see in the mood board above, my ident has a range of inspirations. While some of these are only applicable to earlier designs I think their inspiration to the current design should be somewhat obvious. The Living, FOX, Sky News and 20th Century Fox Idents are inspirations for camera movement and text placement as well as the mood.

    The DreamWorks Ident is more of an inspiration for the environment that the Ident takes place in with the starry sky while the lens flare effect is an inspiration for the possible obscuring of vision that happens twice in the ident itself.


    While the purpose of the Ident may change over time, as Farsighted Studios may want to make a different kind of game or product, for the purposes of the Ident the target audience would primarily be science fiction fans. While the aesthetics are quite simple, the neon-esque text is meant to evoke memories of movies like Blade Runner, games like Deus Ex or real-life locations such as Times Square.

    However because the Ident is relatively simple or uncluttered, I want to avoid alienating a particular audience in the way that some media can excessively feel as if “It’s not for me” or for a particular group of people. Obviously some people may not like the appearance of the neon-text or some of the concepts in general but I believe it would attract the primary target audience as well as be intriguing enough that a wider secondary audience may want to know more.

  • ex7
  • An image from Blade Runner. The neon signs behind Harrison Ford’s character were some inspiration for the appearance of text in the Ident. However their inspiration was primarily as a design/style point of view.
  • ex8
  • An image from Deus Ex. In this Paris level from the game, you can note the neon sign on the left. This is the closest comparison to the planned Ident as it is simply text against a dark/black background with no “clutter” around it. In comparison to Blade Runner, this is a closer inspiration for the look/feel of the Ident.
  • ex9
  • While this is a far busier image than the Ident would ever be, the use of neon and the retro-futurism qualities it possesses are evident in these images.



    I anticipate using up to three popular pieces of software.

    Autodesk Maya would be used for the text, basic animation of the camera and any 3D modelling. The “Phong” material for the text would also be applied here if the results are satisfactory.

    Adobe Photoshop would be used for any custom textures that are needed for any additional objects in the environment, although the Ident at the moment features a few Visor brushes from Autodesk Maya, the text and no other objects besides the camera so it may not be needed.

    Adobe After Effects would be used for any additional visual effects (such as the lens flare/obscuring of vision) and implementation of sound effects if they are added.


    Autodesk Maya costs £160 per month or £3100 for a full purchase. Due to the duration of the project I think a monthly subscription would be more cost-efficient so the cost for Autodesk Maya would be £160.

    Adobe Photoshop is available via a Creative Cloud subscription from £8.78 per month for the basic package to £46.88 for the more fully-featured package including more software. Just like Autodesk Maya, due to the duration of the project I think the £8.78 monthly subscription option would be suitable and more cost effective so the cost for Adobe Photoshop would be £8.78.

    While Adobe After Effects is also available via Creative Cloud, it is only available via more expensive monthly subscription options. While there is £17.58 for a single app subscription (with After Effects as one of the options) and the aforementioned £46.88 for the full app selection, I believe the single app plan to be the most cost effective and suitable for the project so the cost of After Effects would be £17.58.

    This would give the total software budget of the project to be a minimum of £186.36, with it possibly rising to £ 372.72 if the project requires more than one month for completion, which is not currently projected.


    I anticipate the development time for the Ident being up to a month.

    It should take no more than two weeks to finish the work in Autodesk Maya, which would include the camera, text, materials and any Maya-relevant Visor brushes or effects. I want to set aside one or two weeks for Adobe After Effects work which would include effects like lens flare or any other effects or features that are added in the “development” process, as well as sound effects. However I also plan for there to be a possible overlap of a week between the time spent in Maya and After Effects. After this the Ident should be ready for publication.

    I do not anticipate any Adobe Photoshop work to take a particular amount of time so I include it in the 4 week period for both Maya and After Effects, however this is obviously subject to change depending on the development and production of the Ident.

    Week 1

    Autodesk Maya work

    Week 2

    Autodesk Maya work finishes

    Week 3

    Adobe After Effects work

    Possible additional Maya work

    Week 4

    Adobe After Effects work finishes

    Ident is ready for publication


    I have previously discussed the inspirations for the Ident. The Ident has been designed so that it does not overly draw from any of these sources, as it is meant to be evocative of certain Idents, time periods, visual styles etc rather than being reminiscent of one idea in particular. I do not foresee any legal problems on this side of it being plagiarism or anything similar.

    Sound effects used would be of my own creation or from royalty-free sound websites so due recognition would have to be made, and while this would certainly be done if sound was used, it is not going to be used in the current version of the Ident so I’m not too worried about any problems on this front.

    Finally legal version of the various pieces of software would be obtained, as detailed in the Budget section of this pitch document. This avoids using any pirated, hacked or illegal copies of software.


    If more information about the Ident is required, or if there are any concerns of topics that need to be discussed then I can be contacted at the following:

    Email: jreiddev@gmail.com

    Mobile: 07989677454

    Landline: 02086659084


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