HCI Mazehead



  1. The first part of the video, 0:00-0:19, shows me going through the setting and art of the game in Construct 2
  2. The main menu is then shown, with the music (made in GarageBand) playing in the background. You use the mouse to left-click on START to play the game proper.
  3. In the game you can see noise/fuzz across the screen. This is intentional and an effect achieved in Construct 2. The “story” behind the game is that the main character has been kidnapped by a demonic and evil clown who hides him in a horrific maze. However the player’s view of the game is actually of the clown watching the main character through cameras.
  4. A countdown timer can be seen in the top left. Originally I was going to have the clown physically be in the maze and attack the player as the timer counted down but I didn’t want the player to get frustrated so I removed it and kept it to a countdown.
  5. The player moves by using the arrow keys and must navigate the needlessly confusing maze until they reach a weird area in the bottom-right of the map to finish the level and the game so far.
  6. You can interact with the walls as they are solid and also some rare spinning objects that can be found dotted around the maze as they will add to your timer, giving you more time if you get lost or struggle to find the exit.


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