Animation is the process of creating the illusion of a moving image by displaying differing static images after each other in rapid sucession. There are many different ways of animation, from animated cartoons to videogames, to picture flipbooks and more.

One of the most famous advances of animation in video games in recent years are the facial animations from Half Life 2 which were seen as incredible expressive and more convincing and lifelike than any other videogame to date and while Rise of the Robots in 1994 had used mo-cap (motion capture) animation to animate CGI models, it wasn’t until the 2000s where motion capture in games started to take off.

Many games adopted motion-capture animation and while they proceed to capture more and more detail at higher resolutions and higher fidelity’s, animation styles have become more stylised and while a lot of games want to push the boundaries for realism and facial expressions you believe in, which helps the portrayals of the characters, while other games have gone for more stylised and expressive animations such as Rayman Origins which have exagerrated expressions.

The purpose of the animations are to not only set Rayman apart from other games, especially other platformers like Super Mario Galaxy 2, but also to communicate the feel of the game as a fun and vibrant platformer while a game like Half Life 2 or LA Noire are focused on given realistic and believeable animations so that people can become emotionally invested in the characters and care about what might happen to them because, as a result of the animations, they feel realistic.


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