ActionScript3 Lessons

This will basically be a resource for ActionScript 3 lessons, as I go along. As of the time of writing I basically have no idea what I’m doing in AS3 but this is twofold, one to maybe help someone else who is having trouble, but also because thinking things through like this can help me clarify my ideas and what I do or do not know.

Note: Since I’m learning via multiple sources there’s always a chance whatever turns up here in text may be similar to another way of doing things. Its not my intention to copy anyone’s work but it’ll probably happen, unintentionally.

As I follow a series of video tutorials to make up for lost time I might embed them, linked to the original YouTube page etc and post my thoughts on how they helped etc.

Lesson 1 – The basics of making things move

Miscellaneous – Keycodes for AS3


2016 – Well, this is going well, isn’t it?