Welcome to my blog!

I would love to become part of the games industry later in life, helping to make games as they have been something I’ve been interested in since I got a PlayStation for Christmas many years ago. Saying that in regards to the original PlayStation makes me feel old. Although my mum says that when I got my PlayStation I said “I want to make games when I’m older”, my first recollection of that thought was after downloading UDK one day, giving up after opening it once, then playing Mass Effect 1 and realizing it was made in UDK and I thought “I wonder how they did that”…

I may add more non-games related things on here as I enjoy football, films, tv shows, comics and music etc but my attention is so squarely focused on coursework and games-related things at the moment I wouldn’t want to make any promises.

Follow other like-minded blogs such as; Alex “Wink Wonk” Clarke.l try and reply asap.




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