CTS Thesis Lecture 1


  • Week 1 “What is a Thesis” & Defining a Research Question
  • Week 2 Considering methods, ethics & resources
  • Week 3 How to write the literature and subject reviews
  • Week 4 Presentation (Idea Pitch)
  • Week 5 Independent Work
  • Week 6 Proposal Submission Deadline
  • Week 9 Return of Feedback on OAT

Proposal for the Thesis is 20% of the Marks,  hand in by 4pm on 23rd May (Tuesday) on Moodle

Key Components

  • Cover Sheet
  • Intro (500 Words: 250 Rationale, 250 Methodology)
  • Literature/Subject Review (1000 Words: Images as appropriate, see pg 13-14 of Handbook)
  • Reference List
  • Bibliography
  • Illustrations

Proposal should be 2000-2500 in total, excluding the cover sheet and annotated reference list/bibliography

20 Credits: 4000-5000 Words

40 Credits: 8000-10000 Words

What is a thesis?

Appropriate scope and boundaries

How do I work out a research question?

“If you choose a subject that interests you…you will experience the thesis as a game, as a bet, or as a treasure hunt…if you play the game with comparative gusto, you will write a good thesis. But if you begin with the idea that it is a meaningless ritual in which you have no interest, you have lost before you have begun” (Eco 2015 [1977], p7)

“The more you narrow the field, the better and more safely you will work.”¬†(Eco 2015 [1977], p7)


Overwatch, League of Legends, DOTA 2, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm (Blizzard/Valve etc).