CTS Experience Centred Design Week 1

i.hague@lcc.arts.ac.uk (Tutor contact email)

Subject – Introductions

Introducing Experiences

Non Visual Experiences

Historically the classical 5 senses have been divided but this is not true as one tends to inform another. For instance sound tends to be a distance sense as you tend to hear something that’s not necessarily close to you, but smell tends to be something closer and you smell the particles of food or something else so it could be said its a physical one.

However you could smell something that is some distance away so it becomes quite tricky to give it a definition so I suppose you could say it is situational.

Constance Cassen – The Witches Senses: an essay on how the senses have historically been politicized and gendered.

Six Big Ideas, Stage of Action

In Week 4 we will have a Guest Lecture from Silvia Grimaldi

Week 5 will be a Museum visit

Week 6 will be a Walking Tour around the area surrounding the university

Design Thinking is something else we will discuss and learn about

Week 8 will be Authorship and Storytelling

Week 9 will involve 1 to 1 Individual Tutorials

Week 10 will be submission of assessments

I learnt quite a few new words when we talked about the concept of having 33 senses, even if a few of them feel as if they cross over with one another. We got split into groups and had to come up with concepts for an exhibition exhibit that focused on senses but could not use Oculus/Sight. My group wanted to use Touch and the idea of hot/cold while you were blind and could not see. Our idea was that you would enter a rom, blindfolded and with noise-cancelling headphones on and would have to find your way to the exit based on objects and surfaces you could touch.

Whether they were hot or cold would be decided but it could be an easy concept to understand as lots of people are familiar with the idea of “Am I getting warmer?” or “Hot! Cold!” when trying to find something, so it seemed simple and quite easy to understand/universal.


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