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Gravity Rush Review


Gravity Rush (known as Gravity Daze in other countries) is an open world, action, light RPG and puzzle game in one in which you play as Kat, a woman who has forgotten her memory.

The story starts off with Kat falling from an unknown location onto the city of Heskeville. Soon after you meet a mysterious space-looking cat which Kat calls Dusty. Dusty mysteriously grants Kat the ability to alter gravity to where she pleases. Throughout the story Kat has to return missing pieces of Heskeville from “Rift Planes”, each rift plane grants Kat a special power to help her fight the Nevi (creatures that are trying to take over).

GRReviewgif.gif Some of the ways you’ll be fighting the Nevi

Once you restore a part of the city they are free for you to explore. Exploration and combat in Gravity Rush is very unique, you can either walk around and use…

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